The Gift of Music with GetToTheFront | Blogmas

Everyone has that one song they can listen to any time of year.

Or even a band which they could listen to all day, every day (For me it’s All Time Low).  I still remember how excited I was when I got gig tickets for them back in 2012, and I knew that in two short months I’d get to see them live for the first time. It’s a memory I truly cherish.

To me, being able to pass on that feeling to other people is exactly what Christmas is all about. So there is no better time to talk about the site GetToTheFront!*


GetToTheFront provides not just gig tickets but independent music news, from just announced gigs to ongoing tours. Plus they don’t just feature the “big guys” but also the newer bands, running a tour. It’s the perfect 24/7 Music News Magazine.

Not sure what artists are worth seeing? Then the review section is for you. Even if you’re a seasoned gig pro, this will allow you to see how an artist is live, with an independent review filled with honest views on how everything went.

I’ve been looking through them, and it’s made me want to go to even more gigs in the near future. Even some of the photos just make you wish you were there!

And of course, the ticket site. You can search by artist, or by preferred City to see the performance. If you’re like me and tend to have a location which is easier to get to, or that you want to visit, this makes it a lot easier to see what’s up and coming in that area.

I gave the area a try, by searching for shows I knew were up and coming in 2018, and it is insanely user-friendly, and something I will 100% be using now, instead of any other retailers.

You can also choose to see your results as a list, or in a calendar view. I prefer the calendar view, as that way, I can visualise the actual date and my chances of being in work on that day.

So for all the latest independent music news and reviews as well as the ability to get tickets for a pile of upcoming shows, don’t forget to check out GetToTheFront* so you can give the gift of music this Christmas.

Love, Bronagh

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*This post is sponsored by GetToTheFront*

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