How I'm Coping with my Mental Health

I’m about to admit things on here, that were hard enough to admit to the man I live with.

I like to think of myself as a strong person. As someone who can cope with whatever is thrown at them. However, I really am not. I have anxiety, I have depression, and these make everything a lot harder.

Recently things got pretty bad. It was likely a mixture of the all the changes that had been going on in my life. From moving to a brand new area, to starting in a brand new job, and having to get to know a whole new bunch of people.

So today, I want to talk about that. In my safe place. And let other people know how I coped with everything.

Mental Health

So first off – if you feel low, anxious, depressed, or just not right – please, please seek out medical advice! Why? Because you could have a world class self care routine, but it won’t help as much as getting the right support. This can be anything, from medication, to counselling.

Personally, I used to take medication for my anxiety and depression. I no longer do. This doesn’t mean I’m “cured” but it does mean I’m coping a hell of a lot better than when I was prescribed Sertraline when I was 18.

When the feelings came back, I did originally decide ignorance was my best plan of action. This was among my stupidest mistakes, so I soon learnt I needed to talk to someone. Like I said, I did recently move, and currently, I still do not have a GP up here, so I knew I needed to speak to someone else.

Every medical professional I’ve ever dealt with, was 60 miles away, so I had to look closer to home. As you all know (at least I hope you all do) I live with my partner. So I spoke to him. Obviously, he freaked out, as it just isn’t something he expected to hear. We are incredibly happy, so to hear that did throw him off slightly. However it did help me get extra support at home.

Now I’m working to really overcome my mental health problems. And I’m going to share three things I’m currently doing to make myself better.

1 – Motivational Videos

This one seems a little weird – but hear me out. So I also run a Younique business. Part of the training is using self development. I’ve been using people such as Tony Robbins and Les Brown to help lift my moods.

What I’ll do is on my way to work, I’ll play the audio of a YouTube video from either one of these two, to help lift me up. I find it works really well, some of the ideas they have, once put into practise, really help.

2 – Mindset Training.

This may seem really similar to the above point, but I promise it is very different. I am currently allowing myself to dive into the Law of Attraction and to learn how to use this in my daily life. I’m currently using it to treat my mental health, alongside using it for my business.

I truly believe this will help me change my life. Plus it makes a lot of sense. The basics of it is Like attracts like. So if you are sending out mean vibes, you will attract mean people, or if you are sending out positive, happy vibes, you will attract positive, happy people!

3 – Vision Boards and Visualisation

Again, seems a little silly to most people. I’m planning to do a post about my vision board, so that you guys can see what I use on it. I want to see, everyday, what I’m working towards. By having these around my flat, I’m conditioning myself to see what my life will be. I then further this with visualisation. I feel having the chance to visualise your goals can enable you to reach them better.

So there are my main ways of coping right now.

What methods do you use?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh