Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream | Review

Happy Monday!

Today I fancied doing a skin care post, and what could be better than reviewing my current day cream! I’ve been using this for what feels like ages now, so I figured it must be worth a few words!

I originally got this on a whim! I had no intentions of actually buying a cream, until I saw it was on offer with another product I already used. It was something like a buy two products and get a bottle free deal. I really only bought it for the bottle!


I will be the first person to admit I suck at keeping at a decent skin care routine. I don’t do any form of skincare daily, more like every other day (at best!).

Due to this, I need products that last ages, and have long lasting effects. Yes, this is mainly laziness, but knowing that products do good over time is always a huge bonus.

So this products main aim is to make your skin look brighter and improve skin tone.


To do this, it does have a slight tint in it, but not enough to drastically change your skin tone. Just enough to even out where it needs.

This also helps a tonne with dry spots. I have insanely dry skin on my cheeks, and this fixes it almost instantly. It dries in quickly as well, so doesn’t waste time in the morning if you also have a makeup routine to follow.

My only negative on this is, if you itch / scratch your face, it comes off as a white cream consistency. This really does annoy me, as it feels really weird when it comes off. This isn’t a setting problem, as it can happen as much as 8 hours after application. Maybe I’m using too much, but it really does annoy me!

Have you tried this product?

Or do you use a different day cream?

Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh


I'm 22, living in Northern Ireland with my partner and our two guinea pigs; Fudge and Brownie. I'm also a Law student at Ulster University and love reading fantasy novels.

  • Great post! Hope you’re having a lovely day & looking forward to reading more from you. xo

    Also, i have a high end beauty giveaway on. Woul love to have you check it out & enter! (I FOLLOW BACK)

  • I suck at a skincare routine too, glad it is not just me! The consistency of this cream would drive me mad though.

    • I love it when my skin feels dry, but otherwise it annoys me too lol!xx

  • Sounds like a great products other than the negative comment, that sounds da annoying to be fair!

    Sadly I’m not too great at my face skin routine, I just use regular cream🙈

    Jessica |

    • I’m terrible with my skincare too!
      I wish I could actually stick to something lol xx

  • Abbeylouisarose

    I’m also terrible at remembering my skincare routine, if I’m in a hurry it’s the first thing that I skip in the morning haha! This does sound super moisturising which is fab, how strange that you can still scratch it off up to 8 hours later though!! When I remember, I use a Palmarosa Moisturiser by Neals Yard Remedies as a day cream, which I find works quite well as a base for makeup as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey ✨

    • Ohh I may have to check that one out!
      I keep trying to find a different cream to replace it with, so I’ll look into that one 🙂 xx

  • I’ve actually never tried a day cream before! This sounds great though, and the packaging is pretty. I love that it aims to even out skin tone! It’s a shame about the scratching thing though, it seems like it would be a really great product without this!
    Lovely review!
    Hayley X

    • I wish I knew if it was just me it happens to, or if its an actual issue with the product. I probably use too much lol xx

  • I use the Garnier Night Cream, similar post as this and would highly recommend. The texture is good and absorbs well.
    Love Leigh

  • I’m awful at keeping a skincare routine too, which is bad because my skin gets so dry. This sounds great for dry skin!

  • I try to be consistent with my skincare routine, as I feel and look better. It sounds like an ok product, but not sure why it would come off even many hours after application.

  • Just Joelle

    I haven’t given this one a try but my new nivea one is running out so may have to give it a go.
    Joelle x

    • I’d recommend it! With proper use, it really makes your skin glow 🙂 xx