Christmas Shopping – Do's and Don't's | #Blogmas

This was one of the original Blogmas ideas for me.

Depending on what kind of person you are; Christmas shopping can be amazing, or a horror show!

For me, this truly depends on where I’m doing the shopping! If it’s in a small town, its not so bad. However if I go to Belfast, its hell, a complete living hell!

So hopefully this little list will help you with your shopping!



  1. Bring a list!

    I never do this and then get caught out in the shops wondering what I’m actually meant to be buying for certain people. It also helps reduce spending!

  2. Plan ahead for a time and date

    This will minimise so much stress! Knowing where you’re doing and when will mean you can plan in advance!

  3. Bring snacks!

    This is my all round shopping tip! I always, always bring food. This minimises impulse buying of unneeded treats, and means I’m less likely to get “hangry”.

  4. Bring a Friend

    This is purely a tip based on my own preference to always shop with a buddy. I find it makes shopping more fun, plus you have someone to help with any heavy lifting.


  1. Go on Christmas Eve

    I feel this is an obvious one. It means you’ll be so much more stressed and less likely to actually get what you need. Take time to do the actual shopping and the results will be so much better!

  2. Buy things because you like them

    Unless the person you’re buying for has extremely similar taste, do not buy based on what you like. This may even end with an unwanted gift!

  3. Go on an empty stomach

    There is apparently proof that shopping on an empty stomach, or when your hungry, can lead you to buying items you really don’t need. Also with the amount of shopping you’d be doing, you’d likely need to be well fuelled!

  4. Don’t bring too much with you

    This also relates to the last point. If you’re weighted down from the start, then you are screwed. Once you start shopping and adding to the weight, you’ll just want to go home, which is a horrible outcome! Travel with essentials only!

What are some of your best Christmas shopping tips?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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