Life Update

Well I’ve been away for a while again!

I seem to be making a habit of forgetting to update here! I hate not staying up to date with here, but after having two weeks off work, I kind of forgot to.

So today we’re doing a life update! I love these kinds of posts, as they let me ramble on and on without needing to explain why I am rambling on and on.


So the main topic I wanted to cover today was the fact that from today, I’m making a few rather large lifestyle changes to loose weight.

In other words, I’m going on a diet. I don’t want to call it that though, as every time I’ve done that I’ve gave up after a couple of weeks and gained back twice as much weight.

I’ve literally tried everything going, but I suck at sticking to anything, so I’m going to be trying ¬†different “swap” to suit me. Like changing chocolate for anything but.

I’m also going to change up the posting schedule on here. From two days to three! Yay!

I’m going to push myself to post more so I can create more content on this site and actually stay in touch a lot more! I plan to stick to this so much in the run up to Christmas!

Also as part of this, I am nearly a Yellow status Younique Presenter! That means I’m nearly at my next promotion! Which is amazing!

If you want to help me to that goal you can find my site here!

Love, Bronagh