A – Z of Me

I love these kinds of posts.

I saw the lovely Jemma over at DorkFace do this, and just knew I had to steal the idea and use it here. It’s a fab way to get to know me, no matter if you’re new to Bronagh Loves, or a long term blogging or personal friend.

The idea of this post, is to tell you something about me, for each letter of the Alphabet! So lets get stuck in!


A – Animals

I LOVE animals! For the longest time I wanted to work with animals, but I’m now following a different dream, and planning to adopt so many animals!

B – Blogging!

My favourite hobby & my favourite thing I do!

C -Chicago Fire

My current TV Obsession & what I’m watching as I type this post!

D – Dogs

I have had 4 dogs in my lifetime, and currently have a beautiful one called Skylar! She even features in my blog header!

E – Employment Consultant

My “Day Job”. I work as an Employment consultant, helping the long term unemployed find work! I’m also nearly sure I’ve never mentioned this before, so there is some brand new information!

F – Food!

I love food! I feel this is obvious, but I had to include food in this list!

G – Greys Anatomy

Another huge favourite TV Show. Currently I’m counting down to the UK Premiere!

H – Home

This is such an important thing to me. I like to say I have two homes, one I live in with my family & my partners family. Both are perfect.

I – Inspiring

This is what I aim to be!

J – Jokes

I love funny people! If you can make me laugh, then we’ll be brilliant friends!

K – “Kicking and Screaming”

One of my favourite All Time Low songs!

L – Love

This one is very self explanatory!

M – Music!

It’s one of the biggest parts of my life!

N – Nickleback!

I see these guys on Monday! I’m literally buzzing!

O – Otters

I love love them and how cute they are!

P – Penguins

Same as above!

Q – Quilts

I love all quilts and blankets! I even have one in my car!

R – Roses

One of my favourite flowers!

S – Swimming

This is the main sport I actually do! I love it, and it’s something Derek and I do together as much as we can!

T – Tattoo’s

I have 3, and I’m planning numbers 4 through 10 at the moment! I adore them!

U – Unicorn

I don’t care if you think they don’t exist! They totally do and I love them!

V – Violets

Another favourite of mine! They look and smell amazing!

W – Weather

I love the rain! Or the wind!

X – X-Tremely Adorable?

This was a very hard one!

Y – Younique!

I just joined and I love it so much so far!

Z – Zebra’s!

Who doesn’t love them?

So there is my A – Z about me! What would some of your answers be?

Love, Bronagh