#GGBlogChallenge – Day 3!

Woo! Another #GGBlogChallenge Post! This time, about Music!!

I love music. I feel this may come across as a cliche, but I’m being serious when I say I need to listen to some form of music everyday.

Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite band. I feel anyone who followed Bronaghs Beauty and Books will know who this band is, but for anyone who is completely new to reading my blogs, this will be a new piece of information!


My all time favourite band is ALL TIME LOW!

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I’ve loved this band for so long now! I started listening to them in about 2nd Year of 3rd Year in school (2008/2009) and I have loved them since the start.

I’ve saw them live 4 times, twice in Belfast and once in London. My favourite of these times was Belsonic this time last year in Belfast. I love Belsonic as a festival in general, so when I saw All Time Low would be headlining, I was insanely happy!

In London, I got to see them alongside You Me At Six on Valentines day, so it was such a beautiful concert. The atmosphere in the room throughout was amazing.

The first time was a small concert in Belfast at the Ulster Hall. I’ve saw them there twice, and both times it was amazing. First time they were preforming with We are the In Crowd, and they are also amazing live!

If you haven’t ever listened to All Time Low three songs I’d recommend whole-heartily are

– Therapy

–  Missing you

– Lullabies

All of these songs have helped me through hard times and have such a deep meaning for me. Hopefully you will all like them too! They’re beautiful songs, and if you are feeling low, I fully recommend giving them a listen.

Who is your favourite band or artist? Let me know in the comments section below!

Don’t forget to give me a few song recommendations as well! I’d love to know what songs have helped you in your life!

Love, Bronagh

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