John Frieda Shampoo Review

John Frieda Shampoo Review

I’m a “bottle blonde”, that’s nothing new.

Blonde hair can go extremely brassy without the proper aftercare. I’m forever trying different Silver Shampoo’s to combat brassiness, and always want to talk about it when I find one that works.

This is one, is one of the good ones.


I love this shampoo and conditioner combo. I really cannot fault this product.

I’ve tried to source some before and after photos of my hair to begin with;



Slight yellow tones, minor brassiness.



Hair is nearly white and most of my brassiness in my ends has gone!

The Product

The product, like all other tone correcting products, is purple. Not a violent, in your face purple, a much more muted (??) shade. I’d put it more in the range of violet. The shampoo lathers like a dream. It also smells amazing! It has a floral scent as well. The conditioner is also amazing. Its the same colour, and the same scent. It leaves your hair so soft, and removes to many tangles.

How I use This Product

I feel with this product this is really obvious. However, I am a bit weird in that I will leave silver / tone correcting shampoos in my hair for a few minutes to make sure I’m getting the best results from these. I feel this works best at removing yellow or brassy tones.

Would I re-buy this product?

Hell to the Yes! My current bottles have ran out, so I’m re-buying this once I see it again. I love this product and I feel its one of the best tone correcting shampoo and conditioner’s I’ve used.

Whats your favourite shampoo? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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