My Thoughts on the Olympics Opening Ceremony

My Thoughts on the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Well this is a bit late isn’t it?! After my old blog went down (with serveral schelduled posts) I had no choice but to start over and that meant to re-write all those posts, such as this one.

We’re now a good few days into the Olympics, and I don’t know about you, but I’m loving it! Did you see China shine at the diving? Or did you just watch for the amazingly attractive men? (I know which one I was!)

Olympics Opening Ceremony Thoughts

I live tweeted the event, and was gob-smacked by how amazing it was. if you watched, you’ll know they done the entire thing using lights!

My main thought was this;

I wish I was able to properly feel the atmosphere, as it would have been amazing! Another huge thought was this;

Did anyone else notice this? I did and it was a strange thought that soe may not even have these in their countries!

One thing we all (probably all) noticed was the amount of things they related back to Global warming and protecting our earth as much as we can!

I also got chatting to a couple of other lovlies when I was watching. I can’t find the tweets (or embed a thread!) but after chatting with @HayleyJadeRyan @SunshineSarah and @Pinaforesposies about the lack of rights with woman, we all aggreed on something;

Did you watch the opening ceremony? What were your thoughts?

Also who are your favourites for different events? Are you all for one team or a mixture depending on event?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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