Turning 23 | Things I’ve learnt

It’s my birthday in 2 days!

So I felt this would be a good post to do, just talking about the things I’ve learnt now that I’m turning 23.

I’ve seen other bloggers do posts like this, and always thought I’d love to do one myself. Now it’s almost my birthday, I felt it was the perfect time to do a post like this.

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Teeth Whitening Strips Review*

I tried teeth whitening again!

I’m sure you’ve seen my last teeth whitening review (if not here’s the link!) but I decided to give it a go again. This time I tried the teeth whitening strips from Swift Wright on Amazon*.

This brand says they are a much safer alternative to the likes of the Crest Whitening Strips. They also say they are easy to use and one box lasts 14 days.

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Birthday Wishlist

It’ll soon be my 23rd Birthday!!

It’s almost become a birthday tradition to post a birthday wishlist on the run up to my birthday, and this year is no different. You can see the last one here! (it’s from 2 years ago)

On the 23rd of this month, I’ll be 23! It seems very strange that I’m officially into being an adult, and it really doesn’t feel real. Where did the time go?

So let’s get stuck in! I’ve only got five items on the list this year, so it’ll be short and sweet.

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Blog Changes | September 2018

It’s time for some changes!

Changes have to happen sometime, and right now seemed like the perfect time to make a few on my blog!

I’ve been toying with these ideas for a while, so now I’m going to put them into words and make them official!

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So I’ve still been super quiet on here, so I felt a mental health update wouldn’t go amiss.

Mental Health Update August  2018

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