August Weight loss Update

It’s time for another Weight loss \ Diet update!

Plus I’m back from my hiatus! I felt this was the perfect time to update you guys on my weight loss and dieting plan and to just give an overview of the last couple of months.

If you fancy a look at my previous diet posts you can find the first one here and my accountability post and my last update by clicking on the links! As you can see, I’m long overdue for an update! View Post

Taking a Hiatus| Time for Me

Today’s post won’t be a long one, I’m going to take a hiatus.

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Uber Sonic Toothbrush | Review

For me, my teeth are my best feature.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve done everything I can to keep my teeth in tip-top shape! Even to this day, I’ve only gotten two cavities, and the worst thing I’ve ever needed to be done was braces. So when I was offered the chance to review this product, I jumped at the chance.

Today I’m going to be talking about the Uber Sonic Toothbrush*. It’s the worlds first Aluminium toothbrush and it’s insanely affordable.

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Pool Side Reading List

One of my favourite things to do when on holiday is read by the pool.

Really, one of my favourite things to do it read, but add in a nice day, by a pool, with as much Fanta lemon as you can drink, and its the perfect day.

Sadly it looks like I’m not going anywhere this year, so I’m doing a collection of books which make the perfect collection to read by the pool. I can’t promise it will be filled with recent releases, but I can promise amazing reads, that I’m either in love with or desperate to finally read.

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Summer 2018 To-Do List

I’m a pretty big fan of lists, especially to-do lists.

I wrote a Summer Bucket list last year, but honestly, I never got to do the majority of the list. So this year, I’m writing a to-do list, as for me, it makes me a lot more likely to complete it.

Now Derek and I live in a bungalow, and not a flat, it means I have so many more options. I still want to keep this list short though, mostly because we both work full time, so an extra long list will be nearly impossible to complete. So to ensure my ability to complete it, I’ve limited it to 6 items.

Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

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